The 5 Best Hidden WhatsApp Tips And Tricks !

The 5 Best Hidden WhatsApp Tips & Tricks

Metadata: Lot remains underneath when it comes to latest apps on your smart phone device. Here, we have discovered some of amazing hidden tips & tricks of WhatsApp you should know.

So, you are using WhatsApp for years now?

Well, if you consider yourself as a pro to this app then we would like to bring newer side of WhatsApp in the form of certain hidden features. These amazing features not only help you perform different tasks seamlessly but it also improves performance of this app. These additional hidden features include options to add filters to your images to some most advanced features like creating GIF from video file. Here, we have covered the 5 best hidden tips & tricks of WhatsApp you should know.

Apply Filters to Photos: Using this amazing feature, you can easily edit your image and add filters before sending it to your contacts. It’s been a while this feature has been added for better user experience. To access this feature, simply choose the photo that you want to send to your contact and tap on “Swipe up for filters” option (given just below the selected image). Here, you will find multiple filters to add from. It includes cropping the image, adding smileys, adding caption or text, changing text color and more.

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Source: theandroidsoul

Backup WhatsApp Chats: This is simpler yet effective feature that helps you keep your WhatsApp chat history secured. To backup your chats on WhatsApp, go to WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Chat Backup. Here, click on Back Up button to complete the process. You can select the option where you want to backup your chats. It includes backup on internal storage, cloud servers, Google Drive on Android or iCloud on iOS smartphone.


Source: techcommuters

Format the Text: If you are bored of old text style while sending messages to your contacts then this tip is for you. You can use this option to edit or format text while sending messages to anyone. It is just like editing text in Word document in Microsoft Office. Here, you can make your text bold, italic or strikethrough easily. To do this follow these instructions:

  • To bold the text type: *make the text bold*
  • To italic the text type: _make the text italic_
  • To strikethrough the text type: ~make the text strikethrough~


Source: businessinsider

Use Voice Assistant to Send Messages: This is another interesting tip that reduces the load of writing messages manually. Here, you can use Google Assistant on Android devices and Siri on iOS devices to type messages through voice assistants. To do this on your Android phone, simply say “Ok Google” to launch the Google Assistant. Once you have done that next is to command it to send message. Here, you need to say “Send a message to <contact name> on WhatsApp”. Next it will ask you for the message. Dictate it and confirm it to send to selected contact. To send message using Siri on iOS devices, launch the Siri by saying “Hey Siri” and follow the same process.

Use Voice Assistant to Send Messages on whatsapp

Source: techwareguide

Create GIF from Video File: Creating GIF files from video in your gallery without using any third party software is interesting addition in WhatsApp. Here, you can create GIF files by trimming or creating the video of length up to six seconds. Once you have trimmed or created the video of six seconds, it will ask you to change the file format from video to GIF. If the video length is high, simply select the length of up to six seconds and send it to selected contact in a GIF format.

Create GIF from Video File on whatsapp

Source: beebom

Conclusion: We are sure these additional features will helpful to you. Using these features, you can access lot of amazing functionalities of this app and experience the improved user experience. If you know more such tips & tricks then feel free to comment below.

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