7 Reasons Why You Need SEO


It is no secret that your business needs SEO if you are to get the traffic that you desire. If you have not had first-hand experience with the benefits of SEO, then you have probably heard of how powerful it is and the best SEO techniques 2019.

 Which is true, if you don’t have your content optimized how it needs to be, then you must be having a tough time getting visitors to click on your website. You must be asking yourself whether all SEO does for your site is displaying impressive traffic on your rank tracker. Well, traffic is just but a tip of the iceberg. You cannot probably keep count of the benefits that SEO could bring your business.

There is no point of living under the rock anymore, the following points will give you a deep insight into why SEO is indispensable.

Reasons why SEO is important

1. Organic search will account for over half of your website visits

Studies done by Conductor on over 310 million visits to 30 different websites found that 64 percent of the visits could be traced back to organic search. Improving your search traffic and maximizing your web content will earn you organic search. Why is organic search being advocated for? In as much as there are so many ways of driving traffic to your website, organic traffic beats them all. For one, it is cost efficient; you will not get trapped in the pay-per-click universe.

Users tend to find sites taking the organic search approach more credible than those that make the paid path: they must be behind regarding market presence. Organic search will always keep your company ahead of the competition.

2. Inbound marketing has better results than outbound and self-sourced leads

According to statistics by State of Inbound Marketing report, most companies attribute their leads to inbound marketing practices. You need to know that SEO is one of the inbound marketing practices: that is if you already don’t have a clue. And the number one means of inbound marketing for that matter.

Tells you why you should put more effort into SEO than door to door marketing. Remember that your competitors are doing SEO, you can imagine the number of leads that they are getting. Do not be left behind.

3. SEO will impact the buying cycle of your audience

Do you want to increase your sales without having to dish out some more money for marketing? SEO is the answer.

You cannot assume that everyone is familiar with your brand or product, and it is for that specific reason that buyers will always research before they make a purchase. They want to get the best bargain available.

Most will embark on web research and do comparison shopping. SEO plays a significant role in this research and buy trend. Using relevant keywords and making Call to Action Meta descriptions will attract potential buyers to your website. The catch is being where your customers are and providing them with solutions by leading them to where they are.

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4. SEO will build your brand’s credibility and trust

The beauty of SEO is that it can work with psychology to build confidence, reliability, and authority for your brand. How does that happen? Well, all your efforts on SEO should be focused on positioning your website at the top of search results, which is the ultimate goal.

You should also note that appearing at the top of search results is not all that SEO can do for your brand. Being on top will make your prospects believe that you are the best of the best: which translates to your brand being viewed as credible and trustworthy.

Nevertheless, that is not all about it. There is still more to do like empathizing with your audience. Get into their heads, connect with them by speaking their language, lend them your ears and give solutions where needed. That said, your credibility with your prospects increases abruptly.

5. SEO is an investment

SEO is not a cost; instead, it is an investment that will be worth your while. Unlike a daily, weekly or monthly marketing campaign, SEO is a long-term strategy. It does not mean that it does not have quick results: it does.

SEO is winning, unlike other forms of advertising with short-focus, because of its ongoing return on investment (ROI). If you do it right just one time, you could stay up the ranks for years without using a single penny. How amazing could that be!

Note that even if you stop SEO for one reason or the other, your website can still retain its position on the search results. It, however, is not to encourage you to stop, you are better off benefiting from SEO to infinity.

6. SEO is targeted

SEO attracts high traffic with leads that you can count on. Most of the traditional marketing efforts are a wild goose chase. You know how the saying goes, the devil is in the detail. SEO breaks everything down by use of keywords. The goodness of it is that you will attract relevant traffic with high potential of conversions: it will save you money and time.

7. SEO is measurable

You do not want to jump in the deep end. You need to track your progress and performance. SEO is quantifiable. You can measure every aspect of SEO and strategize on how to build on the positive facet and how to manage the negative one.

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