Amazon prime vs Netflix- which one is best streaming service?

Amazon prime vs Netflix

The Amazon prime and Netflix are both best video streaming services that comprise vast collections of movies and TV shows. Today most of the people prefer watching movies online on Smartphone, iPhone, Tablets, iPad, etc. Both Amazon Prime and Netflix offer free trial for one month. Though there are not many differences between them, stillI will discuss the features of both shortly. If you are confused regarding Amazon prime vs Netflix – which one to choose then read this post.

Brief description of Netflix:

amazon prime vs netflix

The Netflix was officially launched on January 2016 in India. It has become the most popular movie streaming sites with vast contents. This site offers users for 30 days free trial period after which you will have to pay on monthly basic for each browsing. You can access this site from your Android and ios devices. Netflix is an excellent movie streaming site that helps you to watch anime online and movies, TV shows and many more cool stuff online.
For using the best benefits out of Netflix, you have to first register yourself on the site. Netflix has grown enormously in the industry because it keeps on providing original contents to user. Moreover, the features of Netflix keep getting better since from the time of its inception.

Now the Netflix app is giving almost the best and numerous features with exclusive contents. You will definitely like its easy user interface which keeps the viewers active and lively while streaming any contents.

Netflix Official Website 

Brief description of Amazon Prime:

amazon prime vs netflix

The Amazon Prime was launched on December 14 and it offers free trial period of 30 days after which charging will be applied on monthly basis. This is the best Hollywood studio that includes TV shows, movies, etc. Amazon Prime is supported on Smart TV, home cinema system, tablets, Smartphone, Blue-ray player, Set-top-box, etc. The Amazon Prime doesn’t charge any subscription charges as of the Netflix which is one of the best parts to comprehend with.

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One of the disadvantages of Amazon Prime is that it comes for different compatible devices and for accessing to this site you may need to specify the device you are using. However, you need to pay the annual price which ranges from 39 euro to 79 euro. Amazon Prime is provided with some commissioning games as well and some of its best TV shows are Bosh is pretty good and Mad Dogs, which is a recast of the year 2011 UK TV Show. You may however find the catalogue is not that impressive as of Netflix.

Amazon Prime Official Website

Conclusion on Amazon Prime vs Netflix:

The Netflix is very fast in picking all the new series or shows than the Amazon Prime which lays a great difference. Moreover Netflix includes 8 seasons from the US Office and the Amazon Prime includes 5 seasons which seems less compared to Netflix. Both have their app versions available to download and you can also download apk versions of these apps from 3rd party stores. The Netflix seems to be having better selective TV programs than the Amazon Prime and Netflix is much better in terms of contents also. Though Netflix pricing might be little higher compare to Amazon still it is much better for long term use. So, I suggest you to use Netflix because it provides you with better facilities and features.

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