Command Prompt Tricks And Hacks 2017

Command Prompt Tricks, Hacks, Codes and Secrets in Windows 10,8,7 and XP

Command Prompt Tricks And Hacks – 2017

Today i am going to show you some of the best command prompt tricks and hacks for your windows PC. These cmd tricks are basically useful cmd commands that can make you work a little easier and sometimes may save your day.  Moreover you can do a lot of cool stuff with these cmd tricks. Well if you don’t know much about command prompt then first let me tell you about it.

What is command prompt?

Command prompt  is a command line interpreter application available in mostly all of windows OS. Its functionality is same as that of the COMMAND.COM in DOS AND Windows 9x operating systems. Command Prompt interacts with the user through a command-line interface. It is used to execute entered commands just like the ones that i am gonna show you today. Now without wasting time lets move on to our list of cool cmd commands.

List of useful command prompt tricks, hacks and codes

  1.  Abort a Command Using Ctrl-C.

Ctrl-C is one of the best command prompt tricks. Sometimes we want to stop a running command but there is no option for us to do that. In that case we can use Ctrl-C to abort the command. Well it cannot undo any command but what it can do is that it can save your time if you are running a command and it is taking much time than expected to complete like if you are searching or scanning directories.

2. Execute Multiple Commands.

Command Prompt Tricks And Hacks – 2017

Command prompt also allows to execute multiple commands at once. You just have to put && between the command prompt commands you want to execute. Well it doesnot actually execute all commands at once but its like one after another.

3. Shut Down, Restart and log off Computers.

One of the best cmd prompt commands. You just have to write these cool cmd commands given below to perform the shut down, restart and log off operations.

  • Log Off
shutdown -l
  • Shut Down
shutdown -s
  • Restart
shutdown -r

4. Function Keys use in Command Prompt.

You can use function keys in command prompt tool for different operations. Just read the below use of these function keys.

F1. Pastes the last executed command character by character.

F2. Pastes the last executed command upto the last entered character.

F3. Pastes the last executed command.

F4. Delete command upto a entered command character.

F5. Pastes last used command (without cycling)

F6. Pastes ^Z to the prompt text field.

F7. Shows a selectable list of previously used commands.

F8. Paste recently used cycleable commands.

F9. Asks for the number of previousy used commands and pastes it in the prompt text field.


5.Find IP address of Website using command prompt tricks:

Command Prompt Tricks And Hacks – 2017

To check Ip address of any website, use nslookup command along with the address of the website that you want to lookup. You can see the results in the above screenshot when i lookup for ip address of

6. Assoc CMD Command.

Command Prompt Tricks And Hacks – 2017

Assoc command is a very useful command. It shows which application can be used to open different type of file extensions. There are different type of files in our computers and assoc command can help us find the suitable program for that file extension.

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7. Net Commands

Net commands are very powerful command prompt commands which are used to check the status of the network. If you want to check the information of your active network connection, then this command is for you. You can also update the connection service settings.Some of the popular net commands are in below list. You can try these commands and let us know what you got.

net start server
net start
net stop server


8.Netstat CMD Command

Command Prompt Tricks And Hacks – 2017

Netstat is a very powerful tool used to display very detailed information of your computer connection with other computers. You can try the following netstat commands.

netstat -a   Displays all conections
netstat -n   Sorts the connections in numerical order.
netstat -b   Displays browser name.


9. Change Windows Command Prompt Color scheme.

Command Prompt Tricks And Hacks – 2017

This is one of my favourite cmd (command prompt) hacks. We have seen the command prompt in always the black and white color scheme. Well most of you don’t know that the color scheme of cmd can be changed. You just have to right-click on the command prompt title bar and open the color tab from the properties window. As you all can see, there are different colors for text, background, popup text and popup background. You can select the color according to your choice.

10.Change Title Bar Text of Command Prompt Window.

Command Prompt Tricks And Hacks – 2017

This is another cool cmd hacks. Tired of the default cmd title and wants to change it to something cool and interesting. Well you can do it now. You just have to execute a following command in order to change the cmd title text.

title “New title text”

Well i have changed my command prompt title text to You can change it to whatever you like.Just change the “New title text” to whatever you want and it will be done.

11. Open the Windows Command Prompt From Any Folder.

Sometimes opening the command prompt can be really frustrating as you have to go all the way from opening “Run” box and then writing cmd or going to “All Programs” and then search for the command prompt. There is a hack to bypass all of this. All you have to do is to open any folder and then hold the shift key and Right-Click on anywhere in the folder and select the “Open command window here”. That is it.

Update: In latest windows 10 update, the option has been removed and the new option is placed. Open Powershell window here. PowerShell is much different from Windows command prompt. We will discuss about it in other articles.

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12. Scanning and Repairing System Files.

Command Prompt Tricks And Hacks – 2017

This is a very useful option in Windows Command prompt. You can scan the system files for any problem and if found it can be repaired by using command prompt.



13.Watch Star Wars Episode IV using command prompt tricks.

You heard it right guys. You can watch the Star Wars episode IV right inside your command prompt. It is a cool tricks though not productive. But it seems fun to do it. YOu just have to execute the following command in command prompt and movie will start.



Note: Telnet command isn’t normally enabled in Windows and make sure to enable it before executing this command or you will see an error.

14. Create Wi-Fi Hotspot using Command Prompt.

Command Prompt Tricks And Hacks – 2017

You can also create a wifi hotspot without any application by using command prompt. Just enter the following command to enable a wifi-hotspot.

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=Yourhotspotname key=12345678

You can change Yourhotspotname to whatever name you want for you wifi hotspot and the password must be between 8-63 characters.


Now after enabling the wifi hotspot, use these two commands to start and stop the hotspot.

netsh wlan start hostednetwork
netsh wlan stop hostednetwork


Thats it guys. Well i can say these are some of the best and cool cmd commands and hacks and most of these will work on almost all windows operating systems(windows 10/8//XP). We hope you like these command prompt tricks and if you are facing any problem with these tricks, do let us know in your comments. If you know any other command prompt hacks/codes and want them to be in this list, tell us and we will update it.

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