The Importance of Defining a Customer Avatar


The ultimate guide to creating your Customer Avatar Understanding your audience and defining your Ideal Customer Avatar is a key step to grow any business online. If you know your audience and understand their desires, you can plan your business strategies accordingly. The first step in making a business successful is to know your customers … Read more

Google PageRank is NOT Dead: Why It Still Matters in 2018

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Keywords are the most important things for making the targeted site more discoverable by the users and especially making it more visible over the internet. This is the main reason due to which the websites are ranked higher in the Google search engine result and your site can compete with other competitors having content almost … Read more

Why SMM should be a vital part of your Marketing Strategy

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Marketing is no more public as it was before when you use to see those massive billboards(no, I am not talking about music charts) whenever you hit the roads. Mediums of marketing like newspapers, magazines, and Billboards are not as effective as they were once before. But since the beginning of technology, marketing has taken … Read more