Using Residential Proxies for Ad Verification

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 Ad fraud is a major issue for businesses right now, as fraudsters are constantly refining their techniques. As a result, many businesses end up spending thousands and thousands of dollars on ads that might never actually reach the audience they intended. And since businesses are increasingly focusing their marketing dollars towards online advertising, it has … Read more

Best Technological Universities in India 2017-2018

Indian Institute of Technology - Best Technological university in India

With the advent of technology, it has become very essential for the students to study the courses which are apt in terms of modern technology and practical learning. For this, it is crucial for the students to scrutinize the best universities in India in order to take admissions in the desired courses. Here is a … Read more

The 6 Best Travel Accessories to Buy In 2018

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Whether for business or entertainment, travel can be enjoyable, energizing, and stimulating, or exhausting, frustrating, and monotonous. You can constrain – or at least decrease – many of the inevitable troubles with some advanced equipment and the best equipment. Yelling child two rows behind you? The hotel room near to the escalator or icemaker? Clutch … Read more

How Technology is changing the Transportation

How Technology is changing the Transportation

There is no ambiguity that our transportation method is undergoing a climactic transformation and common transportation manufacturers are eagerly interested in knowing this new paradigm. These new mobility modifications are taking new faces to the transportation quarter, from accommodations like Silicon Valley and other tech centers around the environment. The dedication of latest transportation innovations … Read more

Android App Developers! Know What Will Make Google Angry in 2018

Android App Developers! Know What Will Make Google Angry in 2018

Android app developers ! It raises the eyebrows of Android app developers whenever the search engine giant Google announces any new development guidelines. Google does know that improvements are necessary if it needs to keep its app store a step ahead of that of Apple’s. Researching and frequently announcing new development guidelines is a part … Read more