How to find and delete duplicate files on Android !

find and delete duplicate files on Android

How to find and delete duplicate files on Android

Sometimes despite having high memory on your android device you feel that you should delete some files to make room for the new ones. By the time, you feel that existing memory on your device is not enough and you should buy a new memory card or even a new device with the higher memory. The fact is before spending money on buying a memory you should try some tips and tricks to find and delete duplicate files on Android device.

These files are actually of no use on your device they are just there because you may have downloaded them from the internet more than once or the duplicate copy of the file has been created because you have shared a file on multiple applications. So, let us find out how to find and delete duplicate files on your android device.

1. Finding duplicates in camera images:

On some devices camera roll saves multiple images in different modes such as one is for HDR mode and other one is for normal mode. To get rid of such images you should manually open camera roll folder and make multiple selection of duplicate files. After this you can delete duplicate files.

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2. Search for duplicates in file explorer:

Another method for searching and removing duplicates without any third-party application is to dive deep into the folders on your device. For this you will need a file explorer on your device for some devices it comes preinstalled. If it is not there you can go for a third-party file explore. Once you are done with the download and installation of explorer open folders and look for WhatsApp media folder. Here you will find sent folder. You can clear all the files in this folder. These files are duplicates of files share by you on WhatsApp. Similarly, you can also look find and clear duplicates in other folders on your android device.

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3. Removing duplicates using a third-party application.

If both the above methods look time consuming to you then you should go for a third-party application to remove duplicate photos, files, contacts and media from your devices. If you will look for a duplicate file fixer on the play store you will find a number of file finder applications. Among these applications duplicate files fixer from Systweak software is easy to use and user friendly. Here is how you can use this application to remove duplicates from your android device.
1. You can download this application for free from the given link.
2. Once you are done with download and installation you will see the home screen on which you can proceed to scan for duplicate files on your device.

find and delete duplicate files on Android
3. Choose categories to scan or you can also go for a full scan.
4. Once you are done with the scan process you will see scan results based on the content of file not based on the same name. which is really the best part about this application.

find and delete duplicate files on Android
5. Now you can choose to back up these duplicates before deleting them or you can go straight way for deletion of duplicates.

That’s it this is how you can easily clear duplicates from your android devices. These small tricks can not only save your money which you were going to spend to buy a memory stick but they also boost your device performance by making more space.

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Very useful tips, I had few duplicate files in my android mobile and I think I will just follow these steps.


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