A Working Guide on How to Format Pendrive using cmd?

Looking for a perfect way to know How to format Pendrive using CMD. Well if that’s the case, then you have come to the right place. We have just the perfect guide on formatting Pendrive using CMD Diskpart. Lets’s start.

Pendrives or USB drives are one of the popular portable storage media devices. These small devices can come handy while storing valuable data. From the last few years, pendrives have become more popular as one can store GB’s of data in it. But sometimes, pendrives can be really messy for our systems as these devices can easily get infected and also infect other systems with viruses, trojans, etc. Then the only option left for us is to completely format pendrives or USB drives.

Most of the time, pendrives get formatted without any error but in a few cases, these devices get corrupted or infected with viruses. So in order to completely remove the virus and make the pen drive safe to use, we use some alternate ways to format USB drives. One of the popular ways is to format Pendrive using cmd.

The command prompt is a command-line interpreter application available in mostly all of windows OS. Command Prompt interacts with the user through a command-line interface. It is used to execute entered commands.

In this post, I will show you how to format Pendrive using cmd (command prompt). This method is very simple as you only have to execute a few commands. Just follow the below steps to format a USB drive in cmd.

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Steps for How to format Pendrive using cmd!

  1. Connect your Pen Drive to your computer.
  2. Make sure to check the assigned letter for the drive as it is needed in executing commands.
  3. Open Run box by pressing the Windows key and R at the same time. In Run box, type CMD to open Command Prompt.

format command in dos

4. Now type following commands in the command prompt:

format /q /x E:

how to format bootable pendrive using cmd


5. On Pressing Enter, a message would be displayed.

Insert new disk for drive E: and press ENTER when ready…”

how to format pendrive

6. Press Enter and the following process will start as shown in the screenshot below.

7. A message will be displayed

“Initializing the File Allocation Table (FAT)…

Volume label (11 characters, ENTER for none)?

Press Enter again to finish the process.

how to format pendrive using cmd

8. After pressing Enter, the following sequence will run and you will get a ” Format Complete “message.

how to format pendrive in windows 10 using cmd

That’s it. After following these steps carefully, you have successfully formatted your Pendrive or USB drive. This method works on all types of windows operating systems like Windows XP, 7. You can easily format your pen drive using cmd in windows 7,8 etc.

If you face any problem or error while following these steps, do tell us in the comment section.

Keep visiting and stay tuned for more.


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It’s really a great and useful piece of information. I’m glad that you just shared this helpful information with us.
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