The Importance of Defining a Customer Avatar

The ultimate guide to creating your Customer Avatar

Understanding your audience and defining your Ideal Customer Avatar is a key step to grow any business online. If you know your audience and understand their desires, you can plan your business strategies accordingly.

The first step in making a business successful is to know your customers properly. Creating advertisements and strategies will not provide the desired results if you don’t know who is your potential customer.

The best way to know your potential customer is by defining a Customer Avatar or Buyer Persona. In order for your marketing strategies to be successful, you have to first understand your customer and this is where Customer avatar comes in. Before defining your customer avatar, it is also important to select a business niche. So let’s see what a niche exactly is.

What exactly is a niche?

What exactly is a niche?

Niche is an area that focuses on a profitable part of a market. Selecting a niche is very important as you can serve a small market better compared to a big market.

If you select a niche that is specific to your business, you can serve your customers better.

After selecting a niche, the next step is to identify your target customers related to your niche. Here Customer Avatars come in handy as they allow you to identify your target customers from a big crowd. Now let’s talk about what a customer avatar is.

What is a Customer Avatar?

what is a customer avatar?

Customer avatar is like an illustration of your targeted audience to whom you want to serve. It is always best to know what your customer wants so that you can plan accordingly.

Customer avatars helps in identifying potential customers that are looking for your services. In order for your business to be successful, you need to know who you are serving.

An ideal Customer avatar will aid you in your marketing strategies. For you to be a successful marketer, you have to be a good communicator and for that, you need to know who you are communicating with.

For defining a Customer avatar, you first have to understand its two basic segments.

How to define your Customer Avatar?

For defining a customer avatar, you have to learn about the Demographics and Psychographics of your customer.

defining your Customer Avatar. Copy

 1. Demographics

In demographics, the market segmentation is defined according to Age, Gender, Marital Status, Family Income, Education and Employment Status.

2. Psychographics

In psychographics, the market segmentation is defined according to Lifestyle, Activities, Interests, and Personality.

Defining your customer avatar means you are discovering your potential customer. You can’t always serve everyone. Serving those who are looking for your services is the best way to grow your business.

When you are defining your customer avatars, try to ask questions according to Demographics and Psychographics segments and also include questions related to your niche only then you can truly discover your ideal customer.

For more understanding of Customer Avatar, do look at the results of the survey that we conducted for our Health and Fitness Website. We prepared this survey according to our niche.

Survey Result for Our Fitness and Health Website

After conducting this survey and looking at the results, Customer Avatar for our Health and Fitness website should look like this.

Since we received 100% Male in Gender poll, Let’s name Our ideal Customer As Rahul.

customer avatar

So our Customer Avatar is a male named Rahul.

  • Rahul is a single guy.
  • He is currently self-employed.
  • His annual income is less than 100000 INR.
  • Rahul’s current level of fitness is Average.
  • His main goal is to Lose weight and Gain muscle.
  • Rahul prefers Gym Workouts.
  • He would prefer taking fitness supplements for achieving his goals.
  • He read blogs for health and fitness tips.

We know from this information that our ideal customer prefers gym workouts and their main goal is to lose weight and gain muscle.  With this information from our Customer avatar, we can curate our Health and Fitness Website content according to our ideal customer needs.

Thanks for your valuable time. Feel free to ask anything if you have any queries.

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