Android App Developers! Know What Will Make Google Angry in 2018

Android app developers !

It raises the eyebrows of Android app developers whenever the search engine giant Google announces any new development guidelines. Google does know that improvements are necessary if it needs to keep its app store a step ahead of that of Apple’s. Researching and frequently announcing new development guidelines is a part of constant improvements.

Adding another flag to this road, Google has recently announced new Android app development guidelines. Android app development companies should now start to comply with these guidelines in order to keep their products up-to-date. The primary purpose of Google behind the new guidelines is maintaining a high grade of safety and security of Android user data. The search engine company claims that refined app performance is the additional benefits developers would be able to achieve with the new update.

The official Android blog of Google has the detailed information on the new announcement. However, by looking the limited amount of time we have all got, I have summarized all the valuable chunks of information and strived to deliver to you in a highly comprehensible manner in this post.

The aim of Google behind essentializing the new update is crystal clear. It seeks all the apps in the store to do well in terms of performance, security, and compatibility. It knows that the only way to get more returning app store users, old ways won’t work anymore. Essential compatibility with 64 bit systems, multi-level security, and Android API level announcements suggests the same.

Well, we know that be it any leading information technology company, their success over the years rests on the bricks of the security. Extreme levels of data security have always been the pinnacle of end user’s priorities. No matter, how lame is, users can’t compromise on their security of their data.

So, how about an app store where optimum standards of security are followed and any apps you install is completely bug-free? Google, in its new announcements, seems to achieve the same level of security in Play Store. In an overview, the new guidelines are a way to transform the current play-store into a completely bug-free one.

As a developer, you require to keenly go through all the points Google has enlisted, understand them, and start pertaining them as soon as possible. Before we move further to the updates, let’s have a look at why Google finds the new changes essential:

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1. Android API Level

The new update will enhance the significance of existing Android API Level. That means developers will now have the power to employ the latest Android API level in their future projects as well as the old ones by upgrading them.

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2. Not Just 32 Bit Systems

To the date, most of the Android applications are 32-bit oriented in the Play Store. The new updates guide the developers to make sure that their apps are also compatible with 64-bit systems. It will remove the existing system-wise compatibility issues. The change will get in absolute effect from the embark of 2019.

3. Enhanced Security with Added Security Metadata

In the next two years, Google will be adding to its security metadata. This will simplify and make the app authenticity verification process more efficient. The metadata addition will start to take place from the first six months of 2018.

Even though the time span Google announced for these updates to be completely effective is from six months to a year, Android app freelancers should start taking action now. On an additional note, Google will constantly keep you updated with reminders.

Updation is always a part of progress. And big players such as Google, Amazon, Apple, and Samsung keep finding new ways to make their existing solutions better than are today. And why not? People lose interest in anything that starts to become obsolete.

That makes staying the latest the biggest challenge of today. And prominent firms such Google are getting exceptionally good with the being latest, most secure, and pleasing phenomena. Top Android app development services must align with the new Android updates as soon as possible. Otherwise, from the client’s and app store’s point of view, their products will face a hard time in surviving in the futures. On the other hand, users would upfront reject any app that does not have a green, security check-badge added.

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[…] Android App Developers! Know What Will Make Google Angry in 2018 […]

[…] Android App Developers! Know What Will Make Google Angry in 2018 […]

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