How to recall sent messages on WhatsApp? (Using GBWhatsapp)

Have you ever sent a wrong message to the wrong person in WhatsApp? Well, it is very annoying and embarrassing too if the messages were not sent to the right person. While using the WhatsApp original version, there is no chance that you will have such features where you can recall Whatsapp messages. But it is only available if you download the WhatsApp mod Apk i.e. the GB Whatsapp, many features and functions can be implemented. With the help of GBWhatsapp, you can now easily unsend or recall sent messages on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp and GBWhatsapp are both the similar platform but from different developers. The WhatsApp which we usually use is provided with the limited features in it, while the GBWhatsapp unlocks every great feature from it. And the best thing you can get in GBWhatsapp is the option to recall the sent messages. Get WhatsApp recall message aka Delete for Everyone finally is out and here’s how to get it on official app 

Here below we have brought you some of the cool tricks by which you can easily delete or recall the message which you have already sent. And to use the features, you first got to download the GBWhatsapp Apk app.

How to recall sent messages on WhatsApp:

Using the GBWhatsapp, you will have multiple functions and features which will make better use of WhatsApp. Although both the WhatsApp are of different developers you still can send or receive text messages using through both the apps.

Recall sent messages on WhatsApp

Well, as discussed earlier let us first get into the tutorials for downloading the GBWhatsapp on your smartphone. They are free to download, but not available in the Google Play store. You have to download and install the Apk file of GBWhatsapp.

Steps to Install GBWhatsapp on Android : 

  • First of all you need to download Gbwhatsapp latest version app.
  • Next, download the Apk file but to install the Apk file you must first enable the Unknown Source
  • To enable the unknown source, go to the Device setting, tap on Security, and finally, open the device administration and enable the Unknown Source
  • Now, tab on the downloaded GBWhatsapp Apk file to install
  • Finally, you got your GBWhatsapp installed on your phone

Steps to Recall WhatsApp Message using GBWhatsapp :

Well, after you have you successfully download and install the GBWhatsapp on your smartphone now you are ready to use the Recall features. The Recall Features is a very cool trick for WhatsApp which you can delete any message which has been already delivered.

Normally with the Original WhatsApp, this feature is not available but with GBWhatsapp you have them. So now let us get into the tips or tutorials to Recall Sent Message on WhatsApp.

  • Open your WhatsApp Account through GBWhatsapp
  • Now try sending any message to anyone
  • Next, if you wish to recall or delete the sent message simply long press on the message you sent just now.

Recall WhatsApp Messages easily.

  • Now an option will appear on top of the screen. Tab on Recall
  • Finally, you will get a confirm dialog box, click on Ok to continue. And there you got your unwanted message deleted.

Unsend WhatsApp Messages easily.

Things to know before you use Recall Features

It is always an embarrassing moment for us all when the word or message is sent to the wrong person. Be it about the friendship talks or something funny talks when it is sent to the wrong person, the message turns out to be awkward ones. And with the Original WhatsApp, if once you sent it will be permanently sent to the recipient and you become helpless. All you have to do is face the consequences. But now there are no more worries about these problems. You have a second chance to correct your mistakes. And thus delete the message before they even discover that the message was received.

Beside the Recall features, you should also know that using the GBWhatsapp is not the original WhatsApp. But once you install the GBWhatsapp, you will unlock so many features like having double account WhatsApp account in the same phone.

You can use themes in your WhatsApp app. So no more default WhatsApp looks, you can completely change the whole look of your WhatsApp using the GBWhatsapp. You can also manage the message with seen or unseen option. Even if you have opened the message, you can still mark as Unread. There are so many other important functions which are perfectly working for you and this will change the way of using WhatsApp.


So here is the complete guide to Recall Sent Messages on WhatsApp. Using the GBWhatsapp, a free messaging app like WhatsApp, you will unlock so many features which you cannot even imagine to have them on your WhatsApp. While they are a free to download and finally start Recalling your WhatsApp message before the recipient sees it first. Hope you find these tutorials helpful for more interesting hidden features of WhatsApp, keep visiting us.

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