Snapchat Convinced Investors for Competing against Instagram

Investors Convinced Snapchat can Compete with Instagram

Snapchat is a Mobile Messaging Application which allows users to share photos, videos, text, and drawings. It is available on the internet free of cost, so anyone can download it from the internet without paying anything.

It is hugely popular especially among the young people and if you are among those youngsters who love to use this app, here is a good news for you. Snapchat owner Snap Inc recently reported a sudden growth in Snapchat users and revenue.

This surge in users has filled them with hopes that Snapchat can survive in the competition with Instagram. Instead of the slack business and shrinking profit rates, Snapchat has convinced the investors to compete against Instagram.

There are various apps like Snapchat available in the market and all of them are going through a silent battle to grab the maximum number of user’s attention. It was believed that Snapchat is over now but, it seems Snapchat is not yet convinced to call it off.

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According to the reported statics, Snapchat’s daily active users get increased to 190 million in the quarter defeating the average expectation of 180 million users. It is now expected that the Snapchat active user’s number will be increased by 20 percent in the upcoming year.

The Mobile App Development Companies are also favoring the Snapchat messaging app and still providing support for these apps. Snapchat has got a golden chance to come forward with more creative features and defeat other apps like Instagram.

The recent statistics state that at some level Snapchat has started working on its lacking points and defeating others. All the survey reports have been closely watched by the market investors and on the basis of these reports they have been convinced. Although the investors are taking a high risk but, they also know, there are maximum chances of their success.

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