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A few years back you think that Google is the most popular search engine in the world. Still it’s true that Google is the most popular search engine as well Google offers a few amazing apps that make your everyday life more efficient. You may have used a few Google apps already but I think you didn’t try those apps that can be made your daily life easier.

The users of smartphones are increasing rapidly. According to Statista almost 2.32 billion people are using smartphone in the world. Google providing their most sophisticated apps for the smartphone user that is really wondering. Millions of smartphone apps are coming live regularly but here I am going to mention top 5 Google apps for your daily life.

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Top 5 Google Apps

1.     Google Maps

Google maps is the best location finder maps that you can’t alternate with any other apps. This Google not only navigate your destinations but also it shows you nearest oil station, police station, food court moreover banks. This Google apps help you out to go anywhere in the world easily and find out new places that you are unable to go by yourself. This app has an offline features thus you don’t need to use internet connection to see your destination.

2.     Gmail

Gmail is an amazing email manager Google apps that keep your email in one place and you can check your email with this app. You will get push notification while you receive any email. This will help you to keep you active.  This app has an organized inbox where you can keep your family and friends email first and hide any promotional email for future use. This app will help to make efficient to manage your everyday email.

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3.     Google Assistant

Google Assistant is the latest Google apps which is quite similar to Siri or Cortana. This Google voice assistant app adds an amazing feel while you manage your task with your smartphone over voice commands. Google assistant first launched for only Google Pixel phone but in 2017 Mobile World Congress Google revealed this features for other branded smartphones. You can use Google assistant to use send text sms, voice search, playing music, made a call and so on. It is worth to use this Google apps for your regular needs.

4.     Google Drive

There was a time when we have to carry a pendrive for data and keep backups in other storage device for future use. Time is changed. Technologies are getting more sophisticated features. Google drive is a app in where you can keep your data safe. Google drive offers free 15 GB space to keep your all data. It also have several lucrative plans to get huge storage capacity and you could use these data from anywhere just log into your Google account. Keep your confidential data in Google drive for safety and travel wherever you want to. According to the Verge Google drive are coming with more sophisticated features thus this Google apps could be able to keep your entire computer backup.

5.     Google Wallet

You can use this Google apps for buying anything from online or pay someone directly. You can send money anyone who has Google account doesn’t require receiver Google wallet app. Even you can attach your bank account with your Google Wallet thus you can withdraw your money from your bank account. You can use shared expanses with your friends while you need to collect money from your friends. All data of wallet are encrypted and stored with highly secured locations. Even you can remove all your transactions data from any device just log into your account. This is a great alternative of carrying bank cards along with smartphone. You can buy your everyday goods using Google wallet and save time.

Final Words:

Though there are hundreds of Google apps available in Google play store but I have mentioned only 5 apps which are huge beneficial for everyday life.
If you get any other apps which we can’t regret then don’t forget to share with us in below comments.

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