How to use Dual WhatsApp Accounts in One Phone !

Many WhatsApp users wants to use dual WhatsApp accounts in one Android phone. But as we all knows, it is not possible to install same app twice. Now, What to do? Well, No need to worry as we are going to share a tutorial though which you can easily install 2 WhatsApp in same phone. This tutorial is helpful for all who are willing to use WhatsApp with two numbers in their phone. Every person have a different reason for using two WhatsApp’s in their phone, no matter why you wants to do this. After reading this whole article till the end, I am sure you are able to use dual WhatsApp on any Android mobile.

There are so many WhatsApp Mods are available on Internet which can work as a second WhatsApp for you. They will work same as like official WhatsApp but they are one step ahead as compared to original WhatsApp app How? Actually, Mods apps have lots of amazing features which are not available in the WhatsApp, you are using right now. No one wants to uninstall these Mod apps after using them once on their phone because of their cool features.

If you search on Internet, there are so many tutorials are available to run 2 Whatsapp in one Android but not all of them works. Maybe you have already surfed any other website for the same query but that web didn’t satisfied you. But no need to worry, on this blog you will get answer of your all question and you will become able to use two WhatsApp accounts in Android phones.

You have to install one of the most popular WhatsApp mod on your phone to use it as a second WhatsApp. Maybe you have ever heard about GBWhatsApp. Not You? Okay, no problem. Let you know GBWhatsApp is very popular MOD of official WhatsApp which has lots of amazing features which are not available in any other WhatsApp Mod app. Don’t worry, we are going to tell you step by step process to use it as a dual WhatsApp on same phone.

Requirements to Use Dual WhatsApp on Same Android

This section is only for those who thinks it is not possible to use dual WhatsApp on same phone. After checking requirements, your all myths will be removed and this method looks very easy for you. When you have started reading this article, I am sure lots of questions was appeared in your mind and one of question was, What are the requirements to follow this tutorial? Am I right? Yeah, we all thinks about it at first. So here is the answer for you question:

These are the only 3 requirements to run dual WhatsApp accounts on one phone. I don’t think, anything is special in these items. Right? Well, it was my duty to solve your all the queries so I shared it. Whenever you are ready with all these required things, you can proceed to the main part of this article.

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How to Run 2 WhatsApp Accounts in One Android?

I hope you have already checked Required section already. If not then scroll up and check it first. Well, there is nothing special requirement but you will get download link for GBWhatsApp in that section. It is the main and only one requirement to follow this tutorial on your phone. When you are ready, you can follow the steps given below in order to run 2 WhatsApp accounts in one Android.

1) First of all you have to download GBWhatsApp Apk on your Android device.

2) After downloading, install this apk on your phone, you will get it in Download folder.

dual whatsapp

3) Open the App after installation, it will ask to enter your mobile number. Simply enter phone number which you want to use in second WhatsApp.

dual whatsapp

3) Now verify your phone number via One Time Password and setup your Display Picture and Name.

4) You new WhatsApp account is ready to use.

dual whatsapp

Voila!! You have successfully installed two WhatsApp accounts in one Android phone. Let me ask, isn’t it so simple tutorial? Yes, it is. While some people thought it very hard process. All you need was GBWhatsApp app, nothing special. Now, you can shock your friends by showing them dual WhatsApp accounts in your phone. Is is the time to use WhatsApp with lots of amazing features like Delete already sent messages, Hide Blue Ticks, Show WhatsApp status always online and much more. None of them is available on official WhatsApp. You will experience the real joy of WhatsApp in this mod.

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Features of GBWhatsApp

Click on Top Right bar in your GBWhatsApp and go to GB Settings there you will get all the features available in it.

dual whatsapp

All the Appearance features are in front of you, to check other more interesting features go to Other Mods inside GB Settings. You will get shocked after testing all the available feature. They all are outstanding. 😀

Some most popular Features are:-

  • Hide Online Status
  • Recall WhatsApp  Messages
  • Hide Blue Tick, Second Tick
  • Change Ticks Style
  • Copy Messages without Copying Date & Time
  • Change WhatsApp Theme
  • WhatsApp Message Scheduler
  • Show WhatsApp Status Always Online
  • Material Design
  • Custom Icon

dual whatsapp

Well, you will explore more of its features after using it once on your phone. But I am sure you will never thinks to uninstall it after using its features by yourself.

Final Words

So, this was the easiest method to use dual WhatsApp accounts in one Android phone. You can follow this tutorial on any Android phone running on 4.0+ Android version. Some people says, you have to root you phone to run two WhatsApp but that is just a myth. There is no need to root you phone, you can easily use two WhatsApp accounts on your Android with just Four simple steps which I shared above. If you have any doubt or query, feel free to ask through comment section. I will reply you shortly.


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